2020 Spring Tree Watch

May 28, 2020:  Spring Tree Watch 2020 has now ended! Thanks for following along!

Point 59 Spring Tree Watch videos are available on the Point59 YouTube Channel for March, April (2 videos), and May (4 videos).

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Paw Paws in the sky! Along Otter Creek, Elgin County

May 25, 2020: Everything is coming into bloom and/or leaf so quickly, it is difficult to keep up. Some wonderful warm weather and sun has finally made it seem like spring!

A nifty little ecosystem featuring Balsam Poplar and Tamarack in a low spot along a small creek

May 19, 2020: A few nice days and spring is progressing quickly! A few days of sunshine are in the forecast for this week. Eastern Flowering Dogwood is beginning to flower, and Red Bud is looking beautiful!

Yellow Birch with the upright female flowers, male catkins and a pollinator!

May 13, 2020: Yikes! Sub-zero temperatures for a couple of nights and one more cold night to come! It was a lovely sunny day today, but coolish. Many trees are leafing out, and/or getting ready to flower. Hopefully the cold will not have done much damage to new flowers and leaves! 

A lovely row of Black Cherries showing a blush of red from the newly opened leaves

May 4, 2020: A bit of warm weather has hastened spring! Downy Serviceberry is flowering, and it is beautiful! Black Cherry, Silver Maple, Red Maple and Hop Hornbeam are leafing out.

The beautiful flowers of Downy Serviceberry

April 27, 2020: More cool weather continues to delay spring, but today was a lovely, sunny, warmish day. Hickory trees are starting to bud, and Wild Crabapple is starting to leaf out. The forecast is calling for rain and cloudy skies, so it is expected that spring will continue to be slow.

The distinctive yellow colouring of Bitternut Hickory buds

April 18, 2020: Floods, snow, sub-zero degrees Celsius??? Spring is arriving very slowly! A fun view today was the deep red flowers of Red Maple topped with white! Hopefully the weather will improve soon.

April 11, 2020: Some cool weather and cloudy days has delayed spring! Downy Serviceberry is close to flowering.

A bit of warm weather and sunshine will bring this Downy Serviceberry into flower! 

Silver and Red Maple continue to show their red flowers. Spring Tree Watch has found a beautiful roadside White Elm.

April 10th was a dreary day; this beautiful Elm actually had snow on it!

Tulip Trees have almost lost all of their seed bracts, except for the central "spike" getting ready for this year's flowers and seeds. 

April 2, 2020: We've finally had some warmish, sunny days! White Elm is now in flower, as well as Red Maple. The Poplars are out, as well as Willows. Sassafras is getting close, also Black Cherry and  Downy Serviceberry. Sadly, Spring Tree Watch has found another favourite tree succumbing to disease; a beautiful Elm shown below.

No flowers this year.

The same tree with seeds in May, 2017

March 26, 2020: Still waiting for sunny warm days! Spring is progressing slowly. Red Maples are flowering now, and they are so red! It seems like Silver Maple flowers are very red, but Red Maple is far more vivid. The buds are swelling on many different species, like Yellow Birch, Beech and Paw Paw. Did you know that Yellow Birch is an important species for birds? Some of its seed and pollen cones stay on the tree over winter providing birds with food.

The flowers of Red Maple are beautiful!

March 19, 2020:
The first official day of spring! But not a very inspiring one with cloud cover all day long. Spring is moving slowly. What is needed is sunshine and warmth! It will be a bit yet, as the forecast calls for some low temperatures over the next few days.

Spring Tree Watch 2020 found a favourite White Ash tree infected by Emerald Ash Borer. How sad!

Here's the same White Ash in May 2019.

March 14, 2020
: Red Maples are now starting to flower. Some Silver Maples are in full bloom.

Silver Maple

March 8, 2020: One of the earliest flowering trees in spring, and the earliest of the maples, is Silver Maple. The Silver Maples in the photo below are already flowering in Norfolk County!

Where can Silver Maples be found? Silver Maple has been a favoured tree for yard and roadside planting, so any trees in flower in those locations are most likely Silver Maple. Red and Freeman's Maple flower slightly later and are mostly found in forests. Sugar and Black Maple flower later in the season.

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