and Deciduous Forest Trees

of Southern Ontario

Dwarf Chinquapin Oak
Quercus Prinoides

Location in Ontario:
Dwarf Chinquapin Oak is a Carolinian Tree which grows only in Lambton County and Norfolk County.

Dwarf Chinquapin Oak,  Norfolk County

Habitat: Dwarf Chinquapin Oak grows in groups on dry sandy slopes.

Landscape Use:
Dwarf Chinquapin Oak is an attractive small tree that has many small acorns.

Leaves: Leaves are rounded ovals, similar to Chinquapin Oak, but only have 4-9 teeth per side.



Flowers: Oaks are monoecious with male (pollen) flowers and female (seed) flowers on the same tree. Flowers are small. Pollen flowers are in catkins, while seed flowers occur in small clusters.

Fruit: Many small acorns are produced yearly after 3 to 5 years of growth.

Bark: The bark is light brown and scaly.

Size: Dwarf Chinquapin Oak is a very small tree, up to 6 metres maximum.

Wood: Dwarf Chinquapin Oak wood is hard and heavy, but not used commercially due to its small size.
Specific gravity: not available
Janka Hardness: not available
Wood Comparison Chart

Dwarf Chinquapin Oak, University of Guelph Arboretum