and Deciduous Forest Trees
   of Southern Ontario

Freeman's Maple
Acer Freemanii

Location in Ontario:
Freeman's Maple can be found throughout the Deciduous Forest Region and northward.

A large Freeman's Maple along Big Creek,
Norfolk County

Genus Acer: Maple trees have simple, lobed leaves that are opposite. They are known for their beautiful fall colours. Maples are monoecious with male (pollen) flowers and female (seed) flowers on the same tree. Seeds are in double-winged samaras, or keys. Sugar Maple, Black Maple, Red Maple, Silver Maple and the hybrid Freeman's Maple all grow in Ontario. Sugar Maples are used to make maple syrup, and the wood is valued for cabinets, flooring and furniture.

TREE FACT: Maple trees are divided into "hard" maples (Sugar and Black) and "soft" maples (Silver, Red and Freeman's).

Habitat: Maples prefer moist soil. Freeman's Maple is also called Swamp Maple.

Landscape Use: Freeman's Maple is a hybrid of Red Maple and Silver Maple. It often has the best of both parents; bright red foliage in the fall, but also hardy and fast growing. It is becoming popular as a landscape tree.

Here is a link to an interesting article about variations in Freeman's Maple:
Freeman's Maple Illusion and Truth

Leaves: Freeman's Maple has simple, lobed leaves. Identification between Red Maple, Silver Maple and Freeman's Maple is difficult. Freeman's will reproduce on its own or with a Red Maple or a Silver Maple, meaning trees can be a variety of mixes.

FALL COLOUR WATCH:  yellow, deep gold or red

Flowers: Freeman's Maples are monoecious with male (pollen) flowers and female (seed) flowers on the same tree. Flowers are variable; male and female flowers may appear in the same cluster, or in separate clusters. Flowers appear in early spring.

Fruit: A single seed is contained in a key; a double winged samara. Maple keys twirl to the ground, dispersed by wind and water. Freeman's Maple Keys drop in early summer. 

Bark: The bark is gray, smooth when young then with a shredded appearance as it ages.

Size: Freeman's Maple is a medium sized tree growing to 20 metres in height and 100 years of age.

Wood: Freeman's Maple has soft wood, similar in strength to Red Maple.
Specific gravity: not available
Janka Hardness:
not available
Wood Comparison Chart

Large Freeman's Maple, Norfolk County