These pages are dedicated to the amazing trees of the Carolinian Zone of Southern Ontario. Information found here is a compilation of information from various sources.

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 Update January 9: Throughout this month we will be continuing to update our You Tube channels. All of the historical videos have been moved to their own channel, St. Williams Reforest Station.

We will be filming Coniferous trees and trees in the woods that are hard to film other times of the year when the undergrowth is heavy. Certain trees have interesting features to see, like the bracts on Tulip Trees, seed conglomerates on Sycamore, seed pods on Red Bud and Kentucky Coffee Tree etc.
Watch our video on Winter Tree Watching on YouTube:

Winter Tree Watching In The Carolinian Zone

Special thanks to

 St. Williams Nursery and Ecology Centre
for the many photographic opportunities.

All 600+ photographs by www.point59.ca