These pages are dedicated to the amazing trees of the Carolinian Zone of Southern Ontario. Information found here is a compilation of information from various sources, supplemented with photographs by www.point59.ca.

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June 2021
We are happy to announce that we have completed Carolinian Tree Profiles for the 24 Carolinian Trees! Watch all 24 profiles on YouTube, and our "Recap" video of clips from each of the profiles. All photos, video clips and drone footage by us (except for 4 photos).

Be sure to watch our Spring videos on YouTube. All in 4K and mostly filmed by drone!

Late Flowering Trees In The Carolinian Zone

Springtime In The Carolinian Zone

Eastern Flowering Dogwood in Spring

Downy Serviceberry in Spring

White Elm In Flower

Silver Maple On The First Day Of Spring
Compare Spring this year to Spring for other years!

50 Trees in Flower Spring 2021

Spring Tree Watch 2020

Other YouTube videos to watch:
Trees in Winter In The Carolinian Zone (4K)

Trees in Late Fall In The Carolinian Zone (4K)

Fall Tree Watch

Point Pelee Treetop Views

Late Spring Snow 2021

Trees and Creeks In Winter

Winter Tree Watching

Special thanks to

 St. Williams Nursery and Ecology Centre
for the many photographic opportunities.

All 600+ photographs by www.point59.ca