St. Williams Reforest Station

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St. Williams Reforest Station, located in Norfolk County, operated from 1908 to 1998. When it closed, the Station included over 2500 acres. The nursery portion was leased out, and the remainder became St. Williams Conservation Reserve. Today, St. Williams Nursery and Ecology Centre operates the nursery, and has expanded the focus from just trees to native plants, shrubs and trees.

The former St. Williams Reforest Station has been known by various names:

St. Williams Reforest Station
St. Williams Forestry Station
Canada's First Forestry Station
Provinical (Forestry, Reforest, Reforestry) Station
Forestry Farm
Norfolk Tree Farm
And others .....

We like "Reforest Station" because it is more descriptive of the purpose of the Station.

The grounds of the former Reforest Station are filled with beautiful trees. Some of them are now over one hundred years of age.