Native Flowers

These are but a few of the beautiful native flowers of Southern Ontario

Beardtongue (Foxglove)

Beardtongue (Hairy)

Blazing Star (Dwarf)

Blazing Star (Spiked)

Blood Root

Brown Eyed Susan

Buttercup (Early)


Cardinal Flower


Compass Plant

Coneflower (Gray-headed)

Coneflower (Green-headed)


Cone Flower (Pale Purple)

False Dragonshead

 Goldenrod (Gray)




Joe Pye Weed

Lily (Yellow Trout)

Lobelia (Great Blue)

Milkweed (Butterfly)

Nodding Onion


Oswego Tea (Bee Balm)

Prairie Dock

Prairie Smoke

Prickly Pear

Primrose (Evening)

Spiderwort (Ohio)

Spring Beauty


Swamp Rose Mallow

Sweet Oxeye

Trillium (Red)

Trillium (White)

Vervain (Hoary)

Vervain (Blue)



Virginia Mountain Mint

Wild Bergamot


Wild Geranium

Wild Lupine

Wild Strawberry
Thanks to St. Williams Nursery and Ecology Centre where some of the photographs were taken